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Update - Due to an issue we identified with release, we have stopped deployment. We expect to resume deployment tomorrow, 4/19/18, as soon as we have confirmed and tested a fix. There are no interruptions expected.
Apr 18, 16:33 EDT
Update - Due to delays, we will be starting at 11:00 AM EDT.
Apr 18, 10:53 EDT
In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.
Apr 18, 09:30 EDT
Scheduled - The Macchiato release will roll out on Wednesday, April 18 at 09:30 AM EDT.

The Catchpoint Portal ( will continue to be available during the rollout window. Please note:
• There will be some delays in propagation of test changes to our command and control system. This will catch up once the release is fully deployed.
• The REST API will experience a short downtime of about 15 minutes. The Alert and Test Data Webhooks will continue to operate throughout the rollout.
• Individual clients will have a brief time (about 5 minutes) where alerts and charts will be inaccessible while we upgrade our back-end applications.
Don’t worry— the test-monitoring infrastructure will continue to run tests and collect data during this time. During the release, support tickets may still be filed via email to
Investigating - Catchpoint Backbone nodes Jakarta, ID - PT Telekomwill not run tests due to a scheduled network maintenance.
Apr 12, 09:05 EDT
Update - Shanghai, CN - Cernet node is paused due to network issue at ISP end. Customers wont be able to run tests from this node.
Mar 2, 04:50 EST
Identified - Shanghai, CN - Cernet will not capture screenshots due to a routing limitation from Cernet ISP. We are working closely with the ISP to fix this problem. There are no other problems with tests running on this node at present.
Mar 1, 22:37 EST
Update - This node will be slated for decommissioning due to major issues with the Provider. Tests on this node will be automatically moved over to our other Johannesburg node.
Nov 9, 10:05 EST
Identified - Catchpoint Backbone nodes Johannesburg, ZA - IS will not run tests due to a scheduled network maintenance.
Aug 24, 08:14 EDT
Investigating - We are currently investigating this issue.
Jul 13, 12:16 EDT

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The Service Status Page are where we will keep you up to date on any current known events, both network outages and scheduled maintenance, which may affect your Catchpoint Services.

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Past Incidents
Apr 19, 2018

No incidents reported today.

Apr 17, 2018
Resolved - This incident has been resolved.
Apr 17, 07:00 EDT
Monitoring - The issue has been resolved at ISP end and the node has been unpaused. We will be monitoring the node performance for few more hours.
Apr 17, 00:45 EDT
Update - The issue has been identified and it was caused by unscheduled work performed by our provider. We will remove all data from the start of this incident. We apologize for any inconveniences this might have caused, please reach out so if you have any questions or concerns.
Apr 16, 12:05 EDT
Identified - Issue has been traced to packet loss on the Level3 circuit in NY, provider has been notified.
Apr 16, 10:15 EDT
Investigating - The New York level3 nodes (ipv4 and ipv6) have been paused while we investigate some network issues.
Apr 16, 09:23 EDT
Apr 16, 2018
Resolved - The node is unpaused and available for customers to run tests.
Apr 16, 05:26 EDT
Identified - Catchpoint Backbone node Delhi, IN - Airtel will not run tests due to a network maintenance.
Apr 16, 01:15 EDT
Apr 15, 2018
Resolved - Delhi, IN -Aircel node has been decommissioned due to ISP unavailability. All tests on this node has been moved to Delhi, IN - Airtel node. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
Apr 15, 00:13 EDT
Update - Aircel support in Delhi have been suspended due to ISP related business issues. Catchpoint will be moving all current tests on this node to another ISP (Airtel) in Delhi.
Apr 9, 08:30 EDT
Identified - Aircel link is down from ISP end and we are working with Data center team on this. Additional information will be provided as soon as there is an updated from ISP.
Apr 6, 03:11 EDT
Investigating - Catchpoint Backbone nodes Delhi, IN -Aircel will not run tests due to a scheduled network maintenance.
Apr 5, 04:23 EDT
Apr 14, 2018

No incidents reported.

Apr 13, 2018

No incidents reported.

Apr 11, 2018

No incidents reported.

Apr 10, 2018

No incidents reported.

Apr 8, 2018
Resolved - Synthetic data collection is processing as expected, with no data loss reported. Catchpoint collection services are operating at baseline levels. This incident is being marked as resolved.
Apr 8, 12:50 EDT
Monitoring - The cause of the issue has been identified and corrected. The data is currently processing again. We do not anticipate any data loss. We will close this when the data process completes. We estimate complete resolution within 60 minutes.
Apr 8, 07:52 EDT
Identified - Catchpoint is currently investigating an issue with synthetic data processing. This issue started at approximately 6:00 am ET.

Catchpoint’s Engineering and Operations teams are engaged and working on this issue.
Apr 8, 07:32 EDT
Apr 7, 2018

No incidents reported.